About Us

Revenir means to return and that is exactly what we do. We help you return to doing what you should be doing ... growing your business. Whether you are the CFO or the CIO, telecommunications probably isn’t one of your core competencies. It is, however, ours! We can take telecom costs, among a company’s highest non personnel expenses, and find huge opportunities to increase efficiency, service and reduce expenses. We help you control the costs of mobile technologies, work with each of your carriers to ensure you are getting the very lowest rates and audit all your telecom expenses. Then we automate the whole process. Ultimately we save you time, confusion, effort and money

We collaborate with our customers from project conceptualization and throughout the life cycle, covering technical and administrative aspects. We select and maintain our development and testing tools, using industry best practices to achieve the best ROI. Designing interventions that reflect the best validated current research, so we are constantly aware of our own development needs.We runs IT smarter, faster and stronger. That’s why the most demanding IT organizations in the world rely on RDS Software across distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. Recognized as the leader in Business Service Management, RDS offers a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk and drive business profit.We are a company of diverse, talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in all that we do.

To deliver the greatest results for our clients—and our stakeholders—we remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of business and technology trends. Our values are grounded in strong ethics, transparency and openness. Clients trust us, and we generally form long—lasting relationships that make us integral contributors to their organizations. In fact, 90+% of our clients return to us when they begin new initiatives. You’ll find a global, inclusive and a richly diverse workforce. Our employees represent almost every nationality on earth so you’re sure to fit in. Ours is a vibrant, energetic environment, achievement oriented and filled with opportunity. It is a community of the best and brightest professionals, working as close, collaborative teams, but also empowered individually to act in the best interests of clients. Under strong leadership, we expect continuing growth and global expansion.

Flexibility and adaptability is built into our model. We have an advanced global delivery platform—with a full complement of technology and consulting services across most major industry segments, and a model that positions us well into the future.

Our mandate is to introduce people to the new world of Information Technology. Our goal is to make a positive impact on all involved and to be effective role models as technologists. Our vision is to emerge as a dynamic, tech savvy, customer centric and progressive world of Information Technology. We hope to introduce new technology to the world. Our vision statement can be encapsulated in our corporate philosophy and motto of `building quality with economy’. To envision, design and construct the most magnificent landmarks and edifices; to contribute tangibly in regional and national development by way of key infrastructure projects, and to protect and preserve the environment we live in that too with economy. At the end of the day, our vision is about making the world a better place to live in; to transform and uplift quality of living and lifestyles of each and every individual that comes in contact with us.